How lift.tv works

Get Motivated

  • Watch fitness professional’s across the world live streaming workouts from yoga to zumba and get motivated to join in anywhere, anytime.
  • Lift.tv provides a truly interactive and engaging fitness experience by helping to connecting trainers with viewers in all areas of fitness and workouts.

Choices, Choices, Choices

  • Once you download our free app you can browse across all fitness categories to your hearts content.
  • Find live streams and on-demand streams for yoga to zumba - all of which are classes taught by fantastic fitness pro's.
  • We're constantly growing the number of trainers on lift.tv with global options you are not limited to one type of workout or category.

Why not use social networks?

  • Have you watched a live stream and wanted to ask a question on posture? Chances are you will get lost in the crowd of comments resulting in you never knowing what to do properly.
  • Lift.tv focuses on being 'live' which means the trainers sharing their workouts will be able to answer directly to you when you ask a question via the live-chat feature.

Additional Information

Users can simply download the app via the Apple App Store and create an account. When viewing their favourite streamers, they can hit the heart button to follow and easily access all of their content.

Free to download and use!

Currently only available on the Apple App Store either via this link https://apple.co/2WWtZyb or by searching “lift.tv”.

Nothing, zero, nada. Free to download and free to use.