Lift.tv for Trainers

What is Lift.tv?

  • Lift.tv is a live streaming platform for trainers and fitness enthusiasts. It allows trainers to live stream their workout to a global audience, build their own community and monetize at scale.
  • Free to download and use you can get started right away. Try a 5 minute live stream coaching session and see how you can engage with a global audience.

Why use lift.tv?

  • Lift.tv allows trainers to stream and interact with their existing clients, whilst also enabling them to expand their audience.
  • Trainers can monetize their newly expanded community on Lift through a number of ways:
  • Monthly subscription to support trainers
  • Virtual currency for users to ‘tip’ trainers 
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising
  • Coaching/Nutrition programs

Why not use social networks?

  • Lift.tv is building features dedicated to building fitness trainer communities. The platform focuses on the high quality individual trainer and what they do (e.g. their workout, their stretching, their meal prep).
  • Instagram and YouTube aren’t dedicated fitness platforms.
  • The unique monetisation model on lift.tv gives trainers a much higher return on their content.

Why not use video conferencing platforms?

  • There are several reasons why video conferencing tools are not ideal for trainers:​
    • Videos are not saved.
    • Users can’t search or discover you.
    • You cannot expand your community.
    • There is no way to monetise your content directly through the platform.

Additional Information

Users can simply download the app via the Apple App Store and create an account. When viewing their favourite streamers, they can hit the heart button to follow and easily access all of their content.

After downloading the app, signup and click the camera button in the top right corner. It will prompt you to ask for permission to stream. A moderator from the LIFT.TV team will quickly review your request and approve you for streaming.

Check back soon for more information of payment options and methods.

Currently only available on the Apple App Store either via this link https://apple.co/2WWtZyb or by searching “lift.tv”.